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Carnie's Comments - National Disc Jockey Day

This is National Disc Jockey Day.  A day to celebrate the people who play the music.

I've worked with and met a lot of 'em over the years and you won't find a group of more quirky, picky professionals in any other industry.  Oh, I've got stories.

I've learned our listeners appreciate the good work we do.  In fact, it was just a few years ago when one of our "Greatest of All Time" was back on the radio for the first time in a long time.  

Barrie Vice, who moved into a full time programming job years ago, had to fill in when we were facing some staffing issues over on Country 100 - our sister station.  He hosted the afternoon show for a week straight.  

The following week, we got an e-mail from a long time, loyal listener who wanted us to know he was really enjoying "that new guy doing afternoons on Country 100."

Oh, we laughed.  The new guy...with about 35 year of experience under his belt.  Ya, he's pretty good alright.

Carnie's Comments - CAST IRON

In the old days, former city councilors didn't exactly have a platform to express their opinions on civic matters.  Social media has changed that.

Interesting to see this week, on Facebook, former councilors Patrick Boyle and Heather Eby posting about the debate on how to fund the replacement of our cast iron water pipes.

Eby quoted a Times Herald story like this;  "Mayor Fraser Tolmie wants to see more detailed funding models...He's in favour of a program that splits responsibility between the municipality and homeowners.  Tolmie doesn't want a subsidy, but does want a program that would allow people to borrow money in order to make their contribution."

Eby then writes, "Call me crazy but that sounds like an LIP to me.  #areyoukiddingme #makeadecision"

It's also interesting to note, while Boyle and Eby air their concerns about civic politics on social media,  former mayor Deb Higgins is on the attack as well, taking shots at our provincial government.

I just thought you'd like to know.

Carnie's Comments - Mark Messier

I see "The Moose" is 56 years old today.  Mark Messier, who played in the NHL for 25 years, winning 6 Stanley Cups.

It was almost 30 years ago that Messier and his Edmonton Oiler teammate Craig MacTavish came to Moose Jaw for the Clark Gillies Charity Golf Classic.  

I interviewed both of them during the Thursday afternoon practice round and then, later in the evening, Messier asked me if I'd give him and Mac-T a ride downtown.  I obliged, of course.

So, we're driving out of the parking lot at the Hillcrest Club and my friend "Jonesy" comes driving in with his truck camper.  He waves and I wave back and Messier waves too.  Mac-T says "Who's that?"

I say, "That's my friend, Jonesy."

Messier says, "Isn't he the Zamboni driver at the Philadelphia Spectrum?"

And I say, "Yes he is."

And Messier says "What the heck is the Zamboni driver from Philly doing in Moose Jaw?"

And I say, "He's from here.  He comes home for the summer."

We laughed and laughed.

Carnie's Comments - Exhibition Stadium

They're knockin' down the old barn.  Regina's Exhibition Stadium.  She gave everything she had and now she's got nothing left.

That old place served us well for 98 years.  And, unlike Moose Jaw's old Civic Centre, it was useful after the Agridome was built and the Regina Pats moved to their new home. But, its time has come.

I remember attending junior hockey games as a boy in Regina.  The WCHL's Pats and the SJHL's Pat Blues called the place home.  

I also remember, clearly, my first indoor rock concert in 1976 - Mahogany Rush backed up Nazareth.  What a show.  It was sold out.  

In later years I'd have the pleasure of calling a WHL playoff game on 800 CHAB from the stadium.  The Warriors and the Pats, who had been bumped from the Agridome for another event.  It was in the late 80's.  I remember seeing the same old doorman I used to see when I was a kid.  He looked mean but he was friendly and he had huge hands. 

In later years when I was attending Agribition or the Farm Progress Show, I'd always take time to stroll through the old stadium.  The sites, the sounds, the smells...taking me back in time.  And now?  Time's up.

Carnie's Comments - Blue Monday

They call it "Blue Monday".  It's the 3rd Monday in January.  We've all been suffering from a lack of daylight and most of us are just now starting to worry about the debt we incurred over the Christmas season.  

Blue Monday.  The most depressing day of the year, they say.

Don't let it get you down.  Experts are sharing the cures for our depression.

Mental health advocates tell us to get some daylight today, whether that's outside our just spending time in a bright window.

They also recommend getting some vigorous exercise and to take time to smile at people.  We should also reflect on the good things we have in our lives and be grateful.  Real research is showing if we take time to appreciate what we have, we feel more energetic and optimistic.

I'm smiling right now.  Can you tell?

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