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Carnie's Comments - Citizen & Group Nominees

So, just a few weeks ago, we heard the submission of nominees was a little slow.  So, we ramped up the promotion a little and it appears to have helped.

The nominees are in for the Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce - 800 CHAB Citizen & Group of the Year Awards and an impressive list it is.

There are six individuals and one married couple up for Citizen of the Year with a total of 10 local groups and organizations nominated for Group of the Year.

Nominees include people like Carol Acton who heads up Hunger in Moose Jaw, which, by the way, is nominated for Group of the Year.

Ruth and Ed Koop are nominees, together, for Citizen of the Year for their hard work behind the scenes at RuBarb Productions which, by the way, is also nominated for Group of the Year.

Check out the list on here.  I believe you will find it most impressive.  And, you might consider joining us for the awards luncheon.

It's coming up a week from today.   You can get tickets at the Chamber of Commerce.

Carnie's Comments - Work Emails

Many of us remember the days when the only way the boss could get in touch with you was by land line telephone.  Then they invented call display and we could ignore the calls if we chose to.


Then, we all got on the email.  We have to be on the email.  Communication is a key to good business, right?


Well, in France, the government has passed a law which gives workers the right to disconnect if they so choose.  It applies to businesses with 50 employees or more.


You see, studies are showing there's just too much work-related stress these days.  We leave the workplace but we're still connected via email.  People are breaking down, mentally and physically.


This isn't new.  Six years ago, Volkswagen made a move to stop their servers from sending emails 30 minutes after employees finished their shifts and, in Brazil, employees who take time to answer emails from work when they're not "on the job" are entitled to overtime pay.


It's something to think about and perhaps something to talk about at your next staff meeting.

Carnie's Comments - 2017

Worried and concerned but excited with anticipation at the same time.  I don't know about you, but I'm happy to be alive in 2017.


The new year brings new beginnings and hope for the future.  I try to keep my life as simple and uncomplicated as possible so I'm not expecting any major changes but life, itself, seems to bring them anyway.


Think about it  - where were you, where were WE 20 years ago?  Well, most of us had yet to get a personal cell phone, Facebook was still 8 years away and most of us still had 26 inch television screens built into wooden and plastic cabinets.


These days, many of us have given up our old land line telephones, we stay in touch with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and a 42 inch TV screen seems small.


I can't really imagine a world without cell phones, social media and flat screen televisions with high definition.  Can you?

Carnie's Comments - Happy New Year

Hey, Happy New Year!   That greeting now replaces "How's it going?" for at least a couple of weeks.  It's not Happy New "Year's", though, just Happy New "YEAR". You see, "New Year's" is short for New Year's EVE.  It's possessive with an apostrophe before the "S".


Funny, on social media people are hashtagging "NYE".  I used to think NYE was an acronym for one of the airports in New York.  Turns out, it's for "New Year's Eve".


By the way, in case you're afraid to ask, a "hashtag" is the symbol we used to call the "pound" sign or the number sign.  We used to play tic-tac-toe on hashtags.  What did we call them then?


Another question;  Why do we get so sentimental on New Year's Eve?  I don't know if I've ever seen a New Year's Eve without somebody breaking down in tears.  Are we sad or happy? Maybe we're reflecting.   Maybe we're sad it's over and happy it happened?


Maybe it was Guy Lombardo's fault.  He and his Royal Canadians used to play a slow, sad version of Auld Lang Syne on TV at midnight.  


Happy New Year! 

Carnie's Comments - SLEEP TIGHT

So, you're going to work towards making more money in 2017, right?  So, what's the secret?  How do you approach the people who can make that happen?


Well, you might start by looking in the mirror and by getting more sleep!


A new study which includes data from a fitness and sleep tracker company called Jawbone, concludes more sleeping time can translate into a higher salary.


The study also included subjects in various time zones.  In a nutshell, they found people who get one hour more in average weekly sleep increase their wages by 1.3% in the short term and as much as 5% long term.  


Now, here's the kicker, as far as I'm concerned.  The study also found that people who move to a location where the sunsets are an hour earlier,  make a an additional $1570 a year.


So, as I see it, we can chalk one up for you folks who are dead set against moving to Daylight Savings Time. 

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