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Carnie's Comments - SOCIAL MEDIA CHECK UP

So, the guy says, "362 days 'til Christmas and people already have their lights up. Unbelievable."


That's just one of the gems you'll find on social media today as we say so-long to Christmas and eagerly await the next round of the Holiday Season.


How about this one;  "In just over 3 years, you'll realize the '90's will have started 30 years ago."  Sorry, did that make you feel old?


Here's one that might describe you today;  "That time between Christmas and New Year's when you don't know what day it is, who you are or what you're supposed to be doing.  Ya, I'm there."


And, how about a big finish?  "Don't sweat the small stuff," the guy says.  "No, lump it all together with the big and medium stuff and have a major breakdown instead."


You can use these if you want.  You're welcome.

Carnie's Comments - Christmas Time Sacrifice

It's the Hap-Hap-Happiest Time of the Year.....Christmas time!


However, I think it's appropriate at this time to give thanks to those who work and perform for us during the holiday season.


Locally, we have police officers, EMS, firefighters, health care professionals and railroaders working during the holidays, not to mention the folks who work hard to serve us in local restaurants and retail stores.  Some of these people are getting set to work overtime over the next 10 days.


I also think about our junior hockey players.  Oh, the Western Hockey League takes a week off leading up to Christmas but most of these kids will leave the comforts of home and mom's home cooking on Boxing Day for evening practices with games resuming December 27th.  Our Warriors will play 4 games in 5 nights starting next Tuesday, finishing with a New Year's Eve home game against Brandon.


Remember, some of these guys are 16 and 17 years old.  They pay a price to be where they are.  Something to think about when they're entertaining us next week at Mosaic Place.

Carnie's Comments - CHRISTMAS MEMORIES

What's the best gift you've received on Christmas morning?  


As I reflect on my childhood at this time of year, I remember most of the gifts.  I am the baby of the family.  My sisters say I was spoiled.  They are correct.  I was very fortunate.


I remember hockey gear and sporting goods.  I remember getting an official, Spalding J-5V - CFL football my Dad bought me in 1976.  It was nice enough to play with it, outdoors, that Christmas.


I remember getting Philadelphia Flyers pajamas one year, a New York Islanders jersey the next year and a Buffalo Sabres shirt the next.  Apparently I was a band wagon jumper.


I also remember getting two sets of boxing gloves for Christmas one year.  I can't recall if I asked for them or not.  It might have been my Dad's idea. My friends and I would have boxing tournaments in the basement.  I can't recall ever winning a match.  I do remember the sweat and the blood and the headaches and what was my first broken nose at age 8.  


Ah, Christmas.  Good times.

Carnie's Comments - Whatcha Want for Christmas?

Remember when?  Christmas shopping was different.  Sweaters, socks, scarves and ties were almost always under the tree.  Now, it seems, people talk and joke about those things like they're lumps of coal.


Remember when?  Your Christmas stocking was stuffed with useful items like crayons and pencils and a roll or two of Lifesavers.  Now, the kids expect to get the latest electronic gadgets in their stockings.


Remember when?  Getting a Barbie or a GI Joe doll was, like, your BIG Christmas gift.  It seems gifts like that are considered extras these days.


Remember when?  People stopped to talk and mingle while Christmas shopping?  Now you've gotta keep your head up and dodge the pedestrian traffic because half the people are walking and texting at the same time.


Remember when?  The only place you could have a visit with Santa Claus was downstairs at the old Simpson Sears?


I miss those days. 

Carnie's Comments - Merry Christmas

It's a special time for many.  Some call it magical.  The Christmas shopping is underway, the Holiday Season music is on everywhere you go and the most common greeting at this time of year,  "Merry Christmas",  replaces "How's it going?" for a few more days.

The political correctness or incorrectness is underway on social media.

There are people, Christian people, obviously, standing up for what some call "the reason for the season".  Of course, they are referring to the fact that Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

It seems more and more people are offended by those who say "Happy Holidays" as opposed to "Merry Christmas".  

It seems to me those people are intolerant of what others believe and that just doesn't seem right at this time of year.  Christmas, to me, is about peaceful celebration with friends and family and, it's about generosity.

I might wish you a Merry Christmas in the coming days but I might also say "Happy Holidays".  I hope you're not offended and, if you are, that's unfortunate.

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