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Carnie's Comments - COZY CANADA

Emerald Park is #1 and Yorkton #4?  For what, you say?  It's a list from Expedia.ca, rating the "Coziest Cities in Canada".


How did they decide on this?  Well, they analyzed "thousands" of their hotel user reviews and found the top Canadian cities "with the highest comfort ratings".  The say the reviews "referenced everything from pillows to fireplaces and anything in between".


What about Moose Jaw?  We ranked #40 out of 55.  I supposed you could say being 40th in the whole country is good but I can't imagine anyone rating Sault Ste. Marie and Winnipeg ahead of us.  They did.  In fact, Winnipeg ranked #28, two spots ahead of Radium Hot Springs.  I've been to both places.  I'd rank Radium way better than Winnipeg.


Then again, Moose Jaw ranks higher than Fernie AND Whistler, BC.  I spent a night in Fernie in the middle of winter, sitting around a fire and looking out at mountains of snow.  I'm not sure I've ever been cozier.


Swift Current, Saskatoon and Lloydmister were the only other Saskatchewan cities to make the top 55.


You won't see security guards and no one will be asked to leave but he says "...it really is an honour system...we have the signage and we ask patrons to respect that signage but, at the end of the day, the reason for that is to make sure that our concessions are viable, successful and that we can continue to get concessionaires in our facilities to provide those services."


He is Ted Schaeffer, Director of Parks 'n Recreation with the City of Moose Jaw.  At issue is the sign that reads "NO Outside Food or Beverage Allowed in Building" over at the Pla Mor Palace.  You see, a brand new Tim Hortons just opened up across the street and locals are wondering why they can't bring a coffee into the rinks.


We asked for your opinion on the 800 CHAB Facebook page.  The feedback is most interesting and some good points made and the majority say they support the policy and believe we should support the concessions in our public facilities.


Thanks for your input.  Oh, and for the record, Tim Hortons doesn't allow outside food or beverage in their buildings either.

Carnie's Comments - Streetheart

I can remember the first time I heard them.  My friend had a brand new record from a brand new band called Streetheart.  The first song on that first record is a song called Action.  I loved it.


I think it was the summer of '79.  Over the next 10 or 11 years I'd go and see Streetheart 7 or 8 times.  I remember a sold out show at the Centre of the Arts in Regina.  I remember an outdoor show in Moose Jaw and a sold out, intimate show at a place called Franky and Johnny's in Calgary.


I still listen to Streetheart...from originals like Action and Can You Feel It to covers like Under My Thumb and Tin Soldier, Streetheart has been revvin' up my life for decades.


And so, I learned today, via social media, that 2017 will be our last chance to see the boys do it live.  Kenny Shields has announced Streetheart's 40th year will be their last year on stage.  He writes, "we have been dealing with some health issues...and have decided that it is now time to bring this incredibly long and winding R & R ride across the finish line."


Thanks, Kenny.  See ya in the New Year!

Carnie's Comments - SAD

The good news is, we talk about it more and more.  The bad news is, it still exists and many of us don't even know we have it.

IT...is "seasonal affective disorder" or "SAD" for short.


It can start in the autumn and continue through December and into January.  It's no joke.  It's a type of depression.  It can really leave you in a funk if you don't take action.  And, yes, YOU can take action.


The experts tell us to make an effort to get into the light as much as we can.  We also need to take time to play and get some exercise.


We're also advised to "go gently" into the holiday season.  Choose how and when you celebrate...pick your spots and don't over-do it.


The experts also advise us to eat more of our favourite, healthy foods AND to wear our favourite clothes more often...the garments that make us feel comfortable.

Apparently, local people are hearing about this advise because I'm seeing more and more people wearing pajamas in public.  They seem really happy.

Carnie's Comments - TOY DAYS

Take a moment and think about it.  Think about some of the toys you received when you were a kid at Christmas.

Oh, I remember.  In fact, I could still find a few of them - packed away in boxes these days.  I kept them because they meant so much.  I treasured them.

It's Christmas time, we all get a little sentimental.  Many of us can remember special moments, special people and special gifts.

The Salvation Army will serve hundreds of local families in the coming days and we're asking you to help us help them make sure that each and every child from those families gets a gift this Christmas.  

"Toy Days" are on today and tomorrow at Canadian Tire.  Hundreds of children from local, less fortunate families, will all get one or two toys this Christmas if we all chip in.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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