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Carnie's Comments - MORE FEEDBACK

I touched a few sore spots last week when I talked about one of my pet peeves in traffic; I was upset about stopping for folks at crosswalks and then they stand there and wave you through.


I got an e-mail from a listener who has her own personal vexation.


She's tired of drivers who don't use their signal lights.  She says, "Some don't bother at all to signal before they change lanes and some just put on their brakes to slow down, then use they signal...doesn't it seem safer to signal and then use the brakes to slow down?  That way, they guy behind would know the brakes will be applied soon."


"I get upset when I get no warning," she says.  "Now that it's winter and, at times, icy, I don't want to slide into anyone.  I do travel a safe distance behind cars but in icy conditions, I would like some notice of a slowing down."


Well, B'ette, you just served notice.  Thank you.  And safe travels!

Carnie's Comments - COPIER DOWN!

There are five of us who work the Morning Shows at Golden West Radio - Moose Jaw.   Two of us got a little anxious this morning when we learned, via e-mail, that our photo copier is temporarily out of service.  We still like paper.


There's no trouble, really.  We can follow along and read from scripts on the computer monitor but it's a change in routine.


It reminded me of the day that our technician, showing tough love, took my electric typewriter away.  It was time to move on and do all my work on the computer.  That was back about 16 years ago.  


We went from typewriters and newsprint to computer screens.  We went from cassette and reel-to-reel tape to digital audio.  It was a difficult but worthwhile transition.  


Oh, we all get older and miss "the good ol' days", but when I think about it, there are so many things I don't miss, including typewriters and tape.  


If you still find yourself resistant to change - work on that.  The ever-changing world of technology is wonderful.

Carnie's Comments - Feedback

Feedback.  I like it.  Whether it's constructive criticism or just disagreement, I appreciate it.  That's why we ask for it when I present my daily commentary each day.


Several years ago I was critical of the good folks in Rouleau for not being more pro-active in promoting the fact they were "Dog River", the home of the beloved television sitcom "Corner Gas".  I took a call that day from someone who was a little angry.  He told me some things I didn't know, informing me they'd been trying but ran into legal difficulties too numerous to mention.  I appreciated that call just like the e-mail I received days ago from Bruce.


He listened to the commentary about pedestrians who wave you through after you've stopped for them at crosswalks.  I find it very irritating.


Bruce pointed out that "generally, it's older people at crossings who will wave a driver through...these people", he said, "tend to move slowly and have all the time in the world to cross an intersection.  Guess what?  They are only being courteous."


Good point, Bruce.  Good point.

Carnie's Comments - Men's Wear

It really hit me late last spring when I saw all the shelves and racks without clothing and accessories neatly folded and hung.  Hunter's Men's Wear was closing down for good.


That was it.  Our last proper men's wear store in Moose Jaw.  Oh, you can get nice, casual clothing at a number of locations and you can still get a dressy outfit at Sears but it's not the same.


They tell me we once had over 30 men's wear stores in Moose Jaw.  I remember doing business at several;  Ideal Men's Wear, Campbell Dixon Clothiers, Slater and York. Those locally owned shops competed with national chains like Tip Top Clothing and Jack Fraser.  They're all gone.


Mr. Hunter told me the gradual decline started when EVERYBODY started driving back in the '80's.  I suspect the big box and outlet stores and, more recently, on-line shopping have done some damage.  It's also clear men are not dressing as formally as we used to.

It seems the men's wear store is disappearing just like our corner stores have.  Oh, I'm all for progress - but in this c

ase, it's coming at a cost I don't want to pay.

Carnie's Comments - LAST WALTZ

The title of the show popped up on my TV the other day when I was taking a look at the schedule.  I hadn't seen it for a long time so I recorded it and then, just a couple of nights ago, watched and listened and enjoyed.


It....is The Last Waltz.  It's a film by Martin Scorsese.  It's brilliant.  It's all about The Band and what was their farewell concert 40 years ago this fall.  It was unbelievable.  It was 1976 and the guest list was awesome.  


The Band was joined on stage by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Ringo Starr, Ronnie Hawkins, Ronnie Wood, Joni Mitchell, Muddy Waters, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and more.  The songs they played is the music we all listen to on The Greatest Hits of All Time - 800 CHAB.


So, my point is, if you haven't seen this film, do yourself a favour and watch it.  If you have seen it, watch it again.  It's good for your soul

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