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Carnie's Comments - Riverside Mission

I've seen it because I felt the need to see.  I wanted to visit the local Riverside Mission to find out how the place operates and, at the same time, get an interview or two and offer some publicity.


I've been back.  I've had dinner at the mission on a couple of occasions.  I saw men and women and boys and girls in need.  I witnessed empathetic staff working with local volunteers.  They listened, they talked and, perhaps most importantly, they fed these people.


The local mission provides emergency shelter for men, assisted living support, low income housing and the community kitchen.  It's not unusual to see 50 or 60 hungry people for supper at 5 o'clock.  


Riverside Mission Executive Director Scott Elger is spending the 2nd of 3 nights sleeping outdoors tonight, on the roof at the mission, to bring attention to the fact we have homeless people right here at home who count on the mission to survive.


You might consider a donation during this Christmas season.  They're counting on us.

Carnie's Comments - SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE

I think of it as a gift from me to you if you're not active on social media.  Here's a sample of what you're missing today:


Here's a young man on Twitter;  "I just brushed the snow off my car with a hockey stick.  I'm not sure I've ever done anything more Canadian."


Here's a Tweet from the Moose Jaw Police Service;  "When making a right hand turn on a red light you must come to a complete stop before turning.  Fine is $230 #TrafficTipTuesday


Here's one from a young father with several children who says, "That moment when you yell at your kids for leaving the lights on because it costs money...and then realize you're turning into your dad."


Oh, and here's one from a mom who says, "You know you're all grown up when you actually bend over to pick up that ice cube instead of kicking it under the fridge."

Carnie's Comments - Kelly King

So, just days ago, Moose Jaw lost a local celebrity.  His name was Kelly King.  Kelly had the condition we know as Down Syndrome.  That didn't stop him from living a wonderful life filled with family and friends and good times.  In fact, it was just one of the things that made Kelly so unique.


He was warm and friendly.  He loved sports and country music.  He loved the boys he lived with in a home in my neighbourhood.  


Kelly was my friend.  He came to CHAB events and I often visited with him at Moose Jaw Warrior hockey games.


I posted a photo of us on social media to let my friends know he had passed.  The reaction was remarkable.  Dozens reacted including a guy named  Andy who did some growing up here.  He said, "So sad to hear...RIP Kelly and also a huge mention to Moose Jaw.  I'm proud to come from a town that supports its citizens and allows them to flourish, regardless of the challenges they face."


That's something to be proud of.  Kelly King was someone to be proud of.

Carnie's Comments - Happy Holidays?

How are you feeling today?  Are you happy?  Does the upcoming Holiday Season bring on stress in your life?


A recent Angus Reid poll found 18% of Canadians are "not too happy" and just 1 in 6 are satisfied with their level of stress.


So, how do we stay upbeat and happy during the "most wonderful time of the year"?


I found some tips on WebMD. com  


The experts there recommend we don't take on too much all at once - just focus on one task at a time.  They also recommend we listen to uplifting music and get regular exercise, take a few minutes to read every day, take time to organize things around the house and open up the curtains for natural light.


Oh, there's more.  They say we should create our "own calm" by deciding on a word that describes the Holiday Season you want to have.  It could be "Peace, Joy, Love, Family or Serenity", they say.  They urge us to write the word down and tape it to the bathroom mirror and "when things get hectic, a glance at the word will remind you of what you really want."


I don't know about you but I'm getting stressed-out just thinking about all the things I have to do to stay happy.

Carnie's Comments - NHL Expansion

They'll be called the "Vegas Golden Knights".  It's the NHL's latest expansion team. They'll be up and running next hockey season.


It sounds like it'll work.  Owner Bill Foley had over 13,000 deposits on season tickets last year and he was all smiles when he unveiled the team name and logo yesterday. It's expansion for the top league in the world, creating jobs, wealth and economic activity. That can't be a bad thing, can it?


Interesting, I've talked to a number of local people who are really looking forward to this.  I don't know if you know but there are thousands, of prairie people who make regular trips down to Las Vegas.  Many of them plan to make NHL action a part of their future get-a-ways.   It's probably just as easy, if not easier, to take a weekend trip to Vegas than it is to see nearby NHL teams like the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and the Winnipeg Jets.


Hmmmm.  Weekend in Vegas or a weekend in Winnipeg?  You know what I'm sayin'?

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