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Carnie's Comments - FOOD BANKS

The news comes just days after the local "Better Together Food Drive" and the day after I talked about what a worthwhile charity "Hunger in Moose Jaw" is.


Today, we're learning the use of food banks is rising drastically across the country.


In Saskatchewan alone, food bank use was up over 17% from the year before.  And, while refugees have added to the count, there has also been a spike in rural areas, where you don't find many refugees.


It's also remarkable that single people make up about 50% of food bank use and while single parents make up about 10% of our population, they account for 22% of people using food banks.


How do we solve this problem?  Well, Food Bank Canada is urging government to consider a new, national basic income program  to replace what we know as welfare or social assistance.


So, then what?  Tax the middle class to make up some ground and end up with more people at the food bank?  Catch 22.

Carnie's Comments - I Bought Lunch

I know.  Every time you turn around there's someone asking for a donation.  And we donate, don't we?  We support the fight against cancer, heart and lung disease.  We support those less fortunate with donations to food banks and we attend fundraisers for families and friends and neighbours and it's hard to say "No", isn't it?


There's one local charity that I think we should all say "Yes" to.  It's Hunger in Moose Jaw and their "I Bought Lunch" campaign.  I'll tell you why.


Our donations go directly to local children - to feed local children.  Hunger in Moose Jaw delivers nutritious food to our schools every day for over 300.  Most of these kids wouldn't get a proper lunch if not for this local organization.


The staff and volunteers at Hunger in Moose Jaw and local educators can tell you, these are our most vulnerable children.  


Just $1 buys lunch and enables a child to grow and learn.  Each child in the program gets a sandwich, fruit and a vegetable and a healthy snack.  It's the "I Bought Lunch" campaign from Hunger in Moose Jaw.  Donate if you can, won't you?

Carnie's Comments - Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day.  


It's an emotional time for many as we take time to remember and recognize those who have served us in times of war.


My late father, George, served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. He volunteered on his 18th birthday in 1942.   He didn't see combat action and, you know, that bothered him until the day he died.  


That was something I didn't understand as a boy and we discussed it.  I told him I didn't think I'd have the guts to volunteer and serve in the military.  

My dad told me I would if my family and friends were joining and going to war.  


And so, on Remembrance Day, I think about my dad and my family and their friends, our friends, who served, fought and sacrificed for me, for us.  And I silently thank them in my own way for what they did so that I was never faced with that decision.

Carnie's Comments - TRUMP

In case you missed it, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America last night.


The World is reacting, including your friends and mine on social media.


How about his one?  "I can't believe how many stupid people there are in the US...it's embarrassing."


Here's a successful man in his 40's saying, "Unbelievable pessimism and...negativity regarding a future no one can know...wake up and get supporting our neighbours to the south.  They need it now more than ever."


She says, "I'm in disbelief that people are in disbelief."


And, finally, on social media last night, Prime Minister Trudeau posting this;  "I congratulate President-elect Trump...Our shared values are strong.  Our common purpose is to build countries where everyone has a fair chance to succeed...we offer our hand in partnership with our neighbours as friends and allies as they move forward."

Carnie's Comments - Best of Facebook

Time for our periodical social media check for those of you who can't be bothered. Here's some of what you're missing today.


Here's a post from a guy on election day in the USA;  "Waiting for this election is like waiting for the Walking Dead season premiere.  You know something horrible is coming...you just don't know the details."


A female friend on Facebook is posting, "There are two ways of arguing with a woman. Neither one works."


Here's one from a single guy who says "I'm sick of being single."  

His friend replies, "Want me to set you up with someone?"

And the guy says "No, I'd have to put pants on and talk."


And we'll finish with a guy who posts this on Facebook;  "When my wife falls asleep in a public place, I like to shake her a little and yell out "Don't you die on me!".  People always clap when she wakes up."


You're welcome.

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