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Carnie's Comments - DST

"There's only you and me and we just disagree."  You may recognize those lyrics from the old Dave Mason song.  Every time I hear it I think about Daylight Saving Time.  


After enjoying an extra hour of sunlight from spring through fall, most Canadians turned their clocks back an hour on the weekend.  But, it turns out, most would rather not.  I saw a poll from The Weather Network that showed about 80% of respondents would rather just leave their clocks alone.


Another poll that was conducted back in the spring showed 52% would like to stay on Standard Time year-round while 37% say we should just stay on Daylight time all the time.


The arguments can get complicated but I really think it's simple.  If we Saskatchewanians were to participate and change our clocks, it would give us an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day all summer long.  It would be great for active people who like to ride bicycles and play baseball and golf in the evening.


But, the polls show I'm in the minority.  Most Canadians disagree with me.  I can accept that.  I will accept defeat and move forward...into the darkness.

Carnie's Comments - NEW COUNCIL

Surprisingly Unexpected?  Maybe not.


Former city councilor, Fraser Tolmie, who was unsuccessful when he ran for mayor four years ago, was the decisive winner this time around, defeated incumbent Deb Higgins.


On city council, we returned three incumbents;  Don Mitchell, Brian Swanson and Dawn Luhning.  We also elected three newcomers in Crystal Froese, Scott McMann and Chris Warren, a young man with experience working for the City of Regina and with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.

There is no doubt Fraser Tolmie will work hard for us in the mayor's chair.  


I can also guarantee that Froese and McMann were good choices and, we know very well what we'll get from Swanson, Luhning and Mitchell.


I don't know about you, but I'm anticipating another four years of 4-3 votes in council chambers.  What we don't know is which way newcomer Chris Warren will be leaning.

Carnie's Comments - CIVIC ELECTION 2016

We'll be live, on the air, from Moose Jaw City Hall tonight when the polls close.  We'll deliver the up-to-the-minute results for you.


I'll predict some excitement, some anxiety, sweaty palms, laughter, anger and tears.  I've seen all of the above in my time covering civic elections.  We'll do our best to paint the picture for you on the radio tonight.


Perhaps my most memorable moment while covering a civic election came on an October night back in 2000.  Ray Boughen had stepped aside after serving two terms.  Long-time city engineer and city councilor Al Schwinghamer was declared our new mayor a couple of hours after the polls closed.


As we were broadcasting live, the new mayor came strolling into council chambers and was immediately cornered by two television crews who wanted to record pieces with him.  We had a reporter by the name of Penny Kiryk, as you may recall.  She wanted to be first - we wanted to be first.  So, she took Al by the arm and said "You're with me, Al."


One of the TV reporters objected and Penny quickly quipped, "Hey, this is my town, my city hall and this is my mayor."


We got him first.

Carnie's Comments - TAYLOR FIELD

This is it.  This Saturday night the Saskatchewan Roughriders will play their final game on the Taylor Field turf.  It'll be a sentimental time for former players and thousands of long-time football fans.


We've had some remarkable times together at that venue.  I saw some of the all-time greatest play there and I saw them from all angles;  from end zone seats to the 55 yard line to the comforts of the press box, I suppose I've witnessed well over 100 CFL games at Taylor Field. 


I'll never forget the 1981 season.  I was at every game.  I got my driver's license that summer.  A couple of friends and I would buy $27 tickets in section 27 at Thompson Drug Store in downtown Moose Jaw and pile into my dad's Buick Le Sabre and away we'd go.  We watched Joe Barnes and John Hufnagel at the controls.  They were throwing to Joey Walters and Chris DeFrance.  Good times.


What's most remarkable, I think, is that my Dad would buy me a ticket, let me use the family car which he would gas up, give me money for lunch and a program and trust me and my buddies to look after ourselves and the Buick.  We were 16 years old.  


You see, I remember so much but I have no idea how I ever talked my Dad into allowing it.

Carnie's Comments - CARBON TAX

As Premier Wall and our provincial government continues its battle against the federal government's carbon tax plan, we're finding out just how much it'll cost us - as in you and me - from the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation.


It's estimated, by 2022, when the tax will be $50 a tonne, the average Canadian household could face over $2500 in new taxes.  


Using China as the example, the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation says "no matter what Canada does, we're simply too small a country to have an impact.  In fact, even if we could magically bring our emissions down to zero, it would only take two more months of Chinese emissions to cancel our reduction out".


They conclude that this Canadian carbon tax will "strain the budgets of millions of Canadian households;  it will devastate thousands of Canadian businesses;  and it will fill government coffers with billions of dollars in new tax revenues. The one thing it definitely won’t do is impact global climate change."


I don't know about you but this worries me.

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