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Farmer Appreciation

Before you get into the swing of things on the farm, Country 100 would like to treat you with Farmer Appreciation Day. Join us March 18th at Moose Jaw's Heritage Inn as we highlight you for all that you do on the farm. We'll take care of lunch, and you can win thousands of dollars in prizes!

Farmer Appreciation Day brought to you by:

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We have a Grand Prize for Farmer Appreciation....

Trimble EZ-Guide Plus GPS system. Its adaptable to the ex steer and boom control for the trimble brand. Retails for $2300.00

Paws For Pledges Radiothon Was A Huge Sucess

totalresize(L-R) Country 100's Brandon Hall, Director of The Moose Jaw Humane Society Kristyn McEwen, Volunteer Kelly Millar, Country 100's Wayne Lamb, and MJHS board members Roy Labuick and John Labuick pose with the final total.

With donations from local businesses, organizations and caring Moose Jaw Residents, the 2nd Annual Paws For Pledges Radiothon in support of The Moose Jaw Humane Society raised a total of $71,388, which surpassed their goal of $60,000.

The radiothon ran from 6am Friday morning until 6pm Friday evening on Country 100FM, and the love and support for the shelter was apparent.

Canadian Tire in Moose Jaw made a donation of $1000, The Moose Jaw Firefighters made a $500 donation, a sizable donation of $10,000 from a supporter of the Humane Society who preferred to remain unnamed, and many more helped to raise those funds.

The Humane Society made it clear that while monetary donations are a large part of keeping the shelter in running order, donations of your time such as taking the animals in the shelter for a walk and helping out around the facilities are just as valuable.  Watch this to find out more about how the money will be utilized. 

Adoption Stories for Paws for Pledges Radiothon


There are pets who really make a mark on all of the people who work at the Moose Jaw Humane Society, and Jo is definitely one of those. Jo came to the Shelter with her brother last spring, and while her brother got adopted fairly quickly, she was quite shy and afraid of people, particularly male people. Despite her huge size and her Pyrenees/Bulldog cross characteristics, Jo could most often be found hiding at the back of her outdoor kennel, as far away from human visitors as it was possible to be without actually disappearing.


And speaking of disappearing, that was a specialty of this big girl. When a family tried to adopt her, she promptly escaped and was seen hurtling around town from one end to the next, finally ending up….right back at the Shelter gates. Another time when a family took her home to Lumsden, she escaped again, spending five days on the run in the bush of the Qu’Appelle Valley. Finally, shelter staff were able to track her, and she came galloping out of the woods right into their arms… ending up back at the Shelter once again. Shelter staff have come to realize that for a family to adopt Jo, they would really have to work at it, spending time at the Shelter letting her get used to them and trust them.


In the meantime, Jo makes herself at home, having adopted the Shelter staff as her temporary family. And she works hard! Jo has the ability to get along with most other animals, and we have used her talents to help socialize many other dogs during her time. She is kind to smaller dogs, tolerant in a big-sisterly way of rambunctious puppies, and playful and joyful in her efforts to win over reluctant doggy friends. Her totally mellow attitude to cats of all sorts means she can even work with cats and kittens, getting them used to being around dogs, which is a wonderful quality. Jo still waits for her forever home, but in the meantime she is paying back the Shelter by being the best all-around office assistant and animal therapy dog ever!

Adoption Stories for Paws for Pledges Radiothon



rsz monkeyMonkey

 Some animals just kind of break your heart when you realize what kind of story they’ve starred in so far in their lives. Monkey is a Shih Tzu who was found by a member of the public and brought to the Shelter. He was badly neglected, with fur so matted that his skin was red and irritated, with open wounds. Shelter staff did hours of emergency grooming to clean him up, and soon discovered that he was in desperate need of dental surgery as well. His teeth were falling out, and the knowledge that such dental issues can be deadly for a pet drove Shelter staff to seek vet care immediately. Monkey’s vet bills exceeded $800. Even in his pain and discomfort, this boy was a true gentleman, tolerant and hopeful with everyone.

rsz buckBuck

Buck is another one of those guys who pull at the heartstrings. With his funny little old man face, the hopeful look in his eyes, and his tail wagging like crazy, it’s pretty hard to imagine this old boy has suffered a day’s worry. You would never know that he hasn't really had much chance to feel soft spring grass under his feet in his 9 years of life. Buck was an animal rescue, a Shih Tzu who had been living in an old van with two other small breed dogs for who knows how long. When he came to the Moose Jaw Humane Society he was sad, he was neglected and he was scared but he still desperately wanted to be loved.


Puppies are so irresistible, and they get homed very quickly. But there's something about a pet that REALLY needs you that touches something deep in everyone. Buck and Monkey were those guys. Everyone felt they both deserved a chance at a cushy existence for the rest of their days. In March, Monkey found that sweet place to land, a home that could give him everything he needed. When Buck needed a home in June, those same lovely humans found they had a little more love and space to share, so they adopted him as well. It is animal lovers like those who make a difference in the world of animals in need by adopting. It Humane Society supporters out there who make it possible for the Shelter to rescue those animals, care for them and make it possible for them to have a second chance at life.


Adoption Stories for Paws for Pledges Radiothon


rsz marvinStarvin Marvin

The Shelter sometimes sees animals at their lowest point, when the situation is literally life or death. This was never more true than in the case of a little kitten the staff named “Starvin Marvin.” When Marvin was found by a concerned member of the community and brought to the Shelter, he was dangerously skinny, weighing less than half of what he should have weighed at his age. It seemed almost as if every little bone in his body could be felt when you picked him up. Despite this, he was such a friendly, happy boy, always ready with a purr even at his very weakest. Starvin Marvin spent a full month in our vet room, with staff checking his weight regularly and feeding him a special recovery diet.

Ounce by ounce, he moved from being “starving” to just plain “Marvin” and finally after 5 weeks he moved out into the adoption room after his long, lonely stay in isolation. Thanks to the power of social media, many people already felt like they knew this special cat, and it was a matter of days before Marvin was adopted by a loving family. His new owner recently sent pictures of him sleeping with his new cat brother. He also uses his big brother to sit on, to make it easier for him to get a good view out the window! Marvin’s new human has now started volunteering to help out with the Shelter’s fundraisers, bringing it full circle back to the place where Starvin’ Marvin found the help he needed.

2nd Annual Paws For A Pledges Radiothon

Country 100 wants to help ensure the future of the Humane Society in Moose Jaw with the 2nd Annual "Paws For Pledges" Radiothon on November 7th from 6am- 6pm. Join us at the Town 'N Country Mall as we try to raise $60,000, so the Humane Society can continue to provide shelter, food and care for stray animals that otherwise would be left to fend for themselves! 

2014-10-03 mjhs-fatboy radiothon poster-page-001

Brandon Hall got to talk with Kristyn McEwen, Executive Director of the Moose Jaw Humane Society, about how the inaugural Paws for Pledges Radiothon helped the animals in the shelter and what they are in need of now.

Here is some pictures from last year successful inagurual year!!