Debut song, It's Summer, was recently released by 10-year-old Saskatchewan artist, Sienna Supreme.

The upbeat, feel-good song was released on June 11 of this year and a music video and complete choreography will be coming soon.

Eden Sienna, who goes by the stage name Sienna Supreme, enjoys singing and dancing and hopes to be a worship leader or kindergarten teacher when she grows up.

"This was my first song that I made," she said. "I started singing when I was really young actually, I started singing other people's songs and I loved it.

"I knew for a long time that I wanted to become a singer, it's just wonderful to me."

Sienna was born in England and spent most of her life in Northern Ireland before recently moving to Regina with her family. 


She noted a few of her favourite artists and idols as Ed Sheeran, Zach Williams, Alan Jackson, and Elevation Worship, giving a wide range of musical influences to the young musician's taste.

"One day I just walked outside, and it was warmer than usual," said Sienna. "So, I made lyrics about it, then I ended up really liking the lyrics and went on from there and I made up the whole song."

Sienna's mother shared that her daughter was brought up around a lot of music and has wanted to be a singer and songwriter for many years.

She noted that she and her mother are currently working on a new worship song.

Anyone interested can find Sienna Supreme's It's Summer on Spotify and YouTube.