A new report from TD Bank has Saskatchewan's economy set to outpace even Alberta this year, second only to Newfoundland.


Watch out Alberta, Saskatchewan is no longer in the rear view mirror.

TD Bank has released a report predicting Saskatchewan's economy will grow by 4.5 percent this year surpassing Alberta's growth for the first time in numerous years.

Derek Burleton is Director of Economic Studies for TD Bank and says while Alberta's will grow by 4 percent this is a significant achievement for Saskatchewan. "Saskatchewan has been under performing as other Canadian provinces have. Alberta has sort of been out on a limb at the top of the mountain and I think that economy is certainly due to slow. Its bumping up against capacity constraints and I think Saskatchewan, being right beside, is enjoying some of the spill over benefits in terms of business relocating and some individuals seeking out lower cost environments."

Saskatchewan's economy is expected to be the second best in the country this year. Newfoundland is tops at 8 percent growth.