We are 18 days into 2023 and that means that many people are continuing with their New Year’s resolutions.  

One of those goals may be focusing on their health and well-being, which may involve nutrition such as food and vitamins.  

Tara Walz, manager of Alternate Root Organics in Moose Jaw has products in mind to help you with your health and fitness goals this year.  

“There’s so much available on the market right now. As long you’re getting a really good high-quality multivitamin, which covers the range of everything and a good probiotic. Even fermented foods like Kombucha, which is really big right now and sauerkraut. Greens and anything that’s basic for just boosting your immune system. You can do a lot with a small number of things.” 

Walz adds that two of the biggest issues that customers coming into the store complain about are lack of sleep and low energy levels. 

The low energy levels could be caused by the limited sunlight Moose Jaw has seen in the past 10 days, as fog and dreary conditions have become the new norm.  

During the winter months, Walz suggests taking vitamin D, which so happens to be called the sunshine vitamin. 

“It’s extremely important to use for our immune system and our mental health. It’s very much needed because of the dreariness this time of year.” 

In addition, supplements such as Zinc, vitamins A & C, and Omega 3 can help boost your immune system along with mushroom extracts.  

Mixing in certain foods can also help you with your health and fitness goals this year.  

“Always looking at greens, which are so important for alkalizing and giving you energy and cleansing in a gentle and safe way. Mushroom extracts are huge for energy and mental focus. Coconut water and fermented foods are great superfoods that offer a lot of nutrition.” 

A superfood is defined as a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Some superfoods are berries, dark-green leafy vegetables, seafood, nuts and seed, and cottage cheese.  

Self-care is another way to improve your health and well-being this year. Alternate Root has a variety of products that can help you with self-care.  

“We have aroma therapy, diffusers, and salt lamps – anything that will put you in a better frame of mind and bring you relaxation. Taking vitamin D along with drinking lots of water. Coconut water, hemp and coconut oil are great for internally and to put on the skin too.” 

Getting healthy could also be expensive, but Walz does have some ways to improve your well-being without breaking the bank.  

“A good place to start is with food and getting healthy foods. Going for a walk, joining a class or gym, and even starting meditating.” 

The store also has monthly sales to make it more affordable when purchasing your vitamins and supplements.  

If you find yourself maybe feeling like you’re lacking in certain vitamins or minerals, Walz suggests seeing your family physician or naturopath to see what you need.