About 95 trees and shrubs were planted along the Rotary Trail here in Moose Jaw on Sunday as part of TD Tree Days. 

Each year, the City of Moose Jaw’s Parks and Recreation Department applies for the TD Tree Days. This year volunteers planted trees and shrubs along the trail adjacent to Thatcher Drive between Caribou Street and 13th Avenue Northwest. 

“Hats off to everyone for that initiative and it looks great along there and it will just look better and better every year,” commented city councillor Heather Eby. 

The volunteers planted Balsam Poplars, Sundance Poplars, Aspen Maples, Spruces, Buffaloberries, and High Bush Cranberries. 

“The prep work was done by the parks and rec employees. The City of Moose Jaw watered all the trees, watered them all in, but the planting was all done by volunteers who were from TD Bank and some community members,” Eby said. 

The TD Tree Days program has been in existence since 2011. Across Canada, the program has planted over 491,000 trees and shrubs by over 40,000 volunteers with the goal of planting 1 million trees and shrubs by 2030.  

You can find out more about the program by visiting the TD Trees Day website

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