The snow falling earlier this week is a reminder of the city’s Winter Maintenance policy when it comes to clearing snow off of the streets. 

Currently, sanding trucks are out on priority routes and designated sidewalk clearing is underway around city facilities

The city’s snow plowing operations kick in after an accumulation of five centimetres of snow in priority order. If snowstorms are continuous or follow closely one after another, snow removal operations could repeat or continue at the highest priority until completed before moving on to the next priority. 

The city has four priorities and two categories when it comes to streets and snow removal: 

Priority 1: Arterial roads and emergency services facilities 

Priority 1 roads are plowed and sanded for ice 24 hours after a storm. Snow will be removed when windrows are over one metre high. Windrows on medians or the centre of the road will be removed within 15 metres of any intersection prior to the end of the city crew’s shift. Windrows in parking areas will also be removed before the end of the shift. If snow cannot be hauled away, no more than 50 per cent of parking stalls should be blocked. 

Priority 2: Bus routes 

These roads will be plowed out and sanded 48 hours after a storm. Windrows will not be more than half a metre onto the sidewalk and one parking stall will be maintained in front of private residents. 

Priority 3: Collector roads and areas with potential drainage issues 

Priority 3 roadways are plowed and sanded 72 hours after a storm. Windrow will also not extend more than half a metre onto the sidewalks and one park stall will be maintained in front of private residents. 

Priority 4: Local collector roads 

The last to be plowed out is Priority 4. It will be plowed 96 hours after a storm. Once again, windrows will not extend half a metre onto the sidewalk and one park stall will be maintained in front of private residents. 

Category 1: All other roads and walkways 

These will remain hard packed. Grading and snow clearing is reviewed when ruts exceed 10 centimetres. Generally, these roads are not cleared until the spring to prevent drainage issues. 

Category 2: City-owned parking lots 

Parking lots are cleared when the lot is compromised and as required. 

Snow clearing map for Moose Jaw(Map courtesy: City of Moose Jaw)

When it comes to all residential properties, windrows blocking driveways with a height of 20 centimetres or less should be cleared by the property owner. Windrows over 20 centimetres are the responsibility of the city to clear. 

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