The Moose Jaw Midget AAA Warriors announced that they've made the grade for the Mac's midget tournament in Calgary Boxing Day to New Year's Day.

Warriors head coach Trevor Weisgerber said with the busy schedule they have for the next few weeks, they aren't thinking about what their chances might be to win.

“Until it gets there, we don’t have a schedule or anything,” Weisgerber said after Sunday’s 2-1 win over the top-ranked Saskatoon Contacts. “I think we’ll worry about that after the 18th when we play these guys (the Contacts) in Saskatoon, I think it’s our last game before the break. So we’ll worry about it then.”

The Warriors haven't lost focus on their upcoming games. They will take on the Notre Dame Argos Thursday night at Mosaic Place. The Warriors have won this season over the Argos by some pretty lopsided scores, but the Argos have beaten Tisdale recently.

“So you just never know what can happen.,” Weisgerber said. “We’ve got a busy week here where we’ve got the Argos and then two against Tisdale and then back against Swift (Current) on Tuesday. It’s four in five nights so it’s going to be a busy week here.”