On Tuesday, the Student Leadership Committee (SLC) at A.E. Peacock Collegiate presented a $1,700 cheque to the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) in support of breast cancer research.

The money was raised through various fundraising efforts and pink games hosted by the high school's volleyball and football teams throughout the month of October, which was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The SLC has between 10 and 20 members, depending on the time of year.

Grade 12 student Katana Geiger is one of those members.

"We held a concession at the volleyball pink games. We sold candy bags, chips, and pop for a dollar each," she explained. "I think this is an important cause because breast cancer and cancer in general impacts everyone. Whether you know someone or it's happened to you, it impacts everyone."

Fellow SLC member Micaela Kelly, a grade 12 student, talked about why it was important to raise money for cancer research.

"In Peacock, we're a very diverse group and there's lots of families here with lots of kids and lots of kids here know people that have cancer and have had people in their families with cancer so it's good to get us all out supporting a good cause and helping raise money."

Krysta Caplette is the coach of the school's senior girls volleyball team. She notes the support they had from the community was amazing.

"I've had so many families that came forward and said we want to donate a raffle basket and some of them said because I am battling cancer, or because my grandma did...People who personally took money from their own accounts to buy a basket and put it forward which is really nice. Just having that community come in and support us. I think almost everyone that we reached out to said, 'Yes of course we're going to donate'."

In addition, close to 20 local businesses supported the fundraising initiative. The volleyball teams raised $1,200 towards the cause with the football team also contributing towards the final total.

Caplette says as the school's Physical Education and Health teacher, she's trying to promote healthy lifestyles.

"I think that there's just so many people with cancer now. I teach Phys Ed., I teach Health and trying to tell kids, live these healthy lifestyles and try to eat properly, nutrition and things like that. I think this is just a good way to role model a little bit of leadership and put a little bit of leadership on some of them too to help raise money for a good cause. It is a really big thing in our society, where almost everybody knows somebody with cancer who is fighting it or has passed away from it or they have it themselves. I think everyone's affected by it, so I thought it was just a really good cause to donate to."

PeacockPhoto by Cory Knutt

Rodger Lohman, Supporter Engagement Specialist at the Canadian Cancer Society, says they're beyond grateful for A.E. Peacock's ongoing support over the years.

"This is definitely the next generation that's going to be providing hope and providing these fantastic donations in the future for us to hopefully, in their lifetime, that one day no one will fear the words, 'you have cancer'. To see kids like this be able to contribute and to raise this awareness, it's fantastic."

Lohman mentioned the money will go towards ongoing research at the Canadian Cancer Society. This year two in five Canadians will hear the words 'you have cancer'.

Meanwhile, throughout November students at A.E. Peacock Collegiate are raising money towards Movember.

"All the guys here are trying to grow their best 'stache and then at the end of the month we vote on who has the best 'stache for the winner," remarked Kelly.

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