An amended traffic bylaw passed its third reading at Moose Jaw City Council on Monday night that would reduce speed limits in school zones. 

Currently, the speed limit is school zones is 40 km/h. The passed amended bylaw will reduce the speed to 30 km/h between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. seven days a week. 

City council passed the first two readings at the June 10 meeting, but not unanimously. The third reading passed on Monday 6-1 with Coun. Kim Robinson opposed. Robinson had previously voiced his displeasure about how the changes were being rolled out. 

City council received a report during their April 22 meeting from the Engineering Services department looking at the possibility of reducing school zone speeds. It was part of the city's updated Transportation Mast Plan in a report called "Safe Routes to School." 

During the May 1 meeting of the Public Works, Infrastructure and Environment Advisory Committee, city administration brought forward a report of the proposed bylaw amendments. The amendments were also endorsed by the Accessible Community Advisory Committee during their meeting on May 9. 

The bylaw amendments are expected to cost $500,000 with $300,000 coming from the sidewalks budget and $200,000 from the traffic control budget. 

The Moose Jaw Police Service have indicated there will be a grace period with the intent to have Sept. 1, the first day of school, as the hard start date. Moose Jaw is one of the few municipalities that did not have a 30 km/h school zone. 

The bylaw includes signage to clarify where there is no parking and no stopping in school zones. It was expected that 600 signs will need to be replaced under the amended bylaw at a price tag of $200,000. 

There is also language in the amended bylaw to allow the city to move vehicles to allow for construction, strengthen language around general permits and enforcement and improved language around unauthorized parking signage.