Every year, the Moose Jaw Gamers Association (MJGA) hosts the largest and longest-running gaming convention in Saskatchewan, called the Winter Gamers Association eXpo (GAX). 

The event kicks off on February 10, at 5 pm, at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre, and runs until February 12. 

Vice President of the MJGA, Talon Regent, says that the GAX is all about gaming in every single way you can imagine. 

“We’ve got tabletop games, we’ve got war simulation games, video games, card games, Magic the Gathering, board games, Dungeons and Dragons, and this year, for the second time now, we are a national qualifier for Settlers of Catan.” 

Winter GAX is open for people of all ages, however, anyone under the age of 14 is required to have adult supervision. 

Different prizes will also be given out throughout the weekend, Regent explained. 

“We typically have a Super Smash Brothers tournament that has a cash prize associated with it. If you win the Settlers of Catan tournament, you qualify for the national tournament, as well as getting a special Catan-themed goody bag. We also have door prizes that we give out Saturday, during our free pizza session.” 

Winter GAX is also celebrating 10 years of being a non-profit charity event.  

“Every year, we donate to a different children's charity,” says Regent. “We have now donated to every single children's charity in the Moose Jaw area, so now we’re doing the rotation again.” 

This year, proceeds go towards Hunger in Moose Jaw. 

Participants are encouraged to dress up in cosplay as well, but it is not required. 

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at the Moose Jaw Gamers website.