Bay 2023

As I stare at my phone night after night

I wonder if he stares at his ceiling in the same light

Not that there’s any.

Things could have been so different

But instead…

Dreams are dead now and the only light left is blaring from my phone that I can’t put down.

The only difference... is his light exposes the clown in his demented world of no return… but in true reality they are the same!

I’m not gonna lie

I’m dying to die because I too

live in a prison of no escape!

Except my sentence is caused from hate and from that there is no escape!

It’s too late now.

His gets to end when his sentence is complete.

Knowing this I realize I can’t compete!

His dreams will never die as long as he’s still alive.

My nightmares will also remain alive and there is no release because my son died!

I can’t get out on good behaviour, Thank God though that He’s our Saviour!

Sadly,madly I will still go on…

I do it for you to make the circle complete!

The love you showed to your friends and family and how we’re all now so incomplete …without you

Makes up for nothing, but you didn't die in vain, because every single person you ever met for whatever reason you felt their pain and to this day those are the friends that still remain.

Too many of them are with you now too

Why do they get to be with you????

Why do we that survive have to continue to be alive with the unanswered question of why????

As I stare at my phone night after night…

It finally dawns on me that there is no more light…

Because you’re gone.

Miss you my boy… until we meet again

Love always and forever