Now that the summer heat is bearing down on Saskatchewan it is the perfect time to discuss how to stay cool while also being energy efficient.  

Saskpower spokesperson, Joel Cherry offers some advice for those looking to escape the heat (and a large power bill).  

“In the summer months, especially a lot on the residential side, a lot of power usage is driven by air conditioners,” said Cherry.  

“One thing you can do if you have air conditioning is just set it at a slightly higher temperature. If you keep your home as warm as you’re comfortable with, that’s going to help save energy.” 

He says that the installation of programmable or smart thermostats can also help lower energy costs by running air conditioning systems more efficiently by having them only be in use when needed.  

There are other simple steps that can be taken that reduce the build-up of heat without using electricity in the first place as well.  

“There’s really practical things you can do, like closing your blinds and window coverings through the day to keep the sun out,” he explains.  

“You can delay activities that produce a lot of heat and moisture, like running your dishwasher. You can do that later on in the evening or at night.”  

Many household activities also generate considerable heat within the home, such as running a clothes dryer or simply cooking indoors.  

Doing so during the peak of the daytime heat can increase the need for air conditioning and therefore increase your power bill. 

Cherry noted that peak power usage in the province at the beginning of the heat wave was 3612 megawatts, just short of the current all-time peak usage of 3669 from last year.  

“We are expecting the load to be high for the next couple of days, we could be flirting with the new summer peak load because of all the hot weather we’re seeing,” Cherry said. 

For a full list of tips and tricks to help reduce your energy consumption and stay cool this summer, visit the Saskpower website