Briercrest Onstage wants to take you back to a time of war with its latest production, Voices From The Front.  

This special Remembrance Day performance brings wartime songs, letters and poems to life.  

“It's a really wonderful opportunity to step into their shoes for a minute and experience what they were experiencing while they were on the battlefield and help bring home just how important their sacrifice was,” said feature actor Daniel McElroy.  

The production will include a full choir and instrumentals with a cast of about 50 to 60 people. McElroy added that they are looking forward to putting on the production. They were able to put on a similar mini-production last year, but are happy to be able to put on a full performance this year.  

There will be two showings on Friday for Remembrance Day with showtimes at 2:30 and 7 p.m. at The Landing in Caronport.  

Holding this production at The Landing also plays a significance. When Caronport was an air force training base during the Second World War, The Landing was the dance hall. The Landing is now one of the last existing Second World War era buildings left in Caronport.  

“We read letters that people here at the base wrote back home to their loved ones. It's a really tangible connection both from what you are hearing, from what you are seeing, what you are experiencing, it's a really well-rounded experience,” McElroy said. 

Admission is free but a donation offering will be taken at the door.