Briercrest resident Jim Duncan is $100,000 richer after adding an EXTRA to his ticket for the DAILY GRAND draw on March 6.  

Duncan purchased his winning ticket from Callaghan’s AG Foods in Avonlea around noon on the day of the draw. He was able to match the last six digits of the winning EXTRA number.  

When the draw was finished, he checked his ticket at a self-checker and noticed that he had won but didn’t know how much.  

“I thought it was just a free play and then when I took it to the cashier he said, ‘It’s locked my terminal up,’” recalled Duncan. 

Initially, the cashier told Duncan he had only won $10,000 but after double checking, he found out he had won much more.  

After winning the $100,000 he showed the ticket to his wife and told her, “I think I won a little bit on the lottery.” 

His wife also thought that they had won $10,000. 

“I told her ‘You better look at it again,’” Duncan recalled with a laugh. 

In an interview with Sask Lotteries, Duncan is still thinking about what to do with his recent windfall. 

“There’s nothing I have to have,” he said. “But there’s always some place to spend it!”