The Danielle Sicinski BTN Rink made short work of their opponents once again in the Original 16 Cash League last night at the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre, downing the Protec Electric rink (2-1) 6-0 in four ends.

Sicinski was the lead, but all four members are great shotmakers, without even counting Penny Barker, who is taking some time off with her new baby. For Wednesday’s match, the team re-enlisted the help of Deanna Doig, who has been involved in their women’s curling tour team for close to a decade.

Versatility is the key for the team that is now 3-0 on the cash league season.

“We’re all people that can play any position, and we’ve all played different positions,” Sicinski said.

The team got a little bit of extra practice time in on the ice, with the help of BTN team and Brent Gedak team member Derek Owens. “And we just go out, there, know what we have to do and support each other and do the best that we can and just trust each other.”

Also last night, Ryan Wenarchuk's John's Music rink (2-1) won 6-5 over Joe Gunnis' EMJ Marketing rink (0-3), Tyler Krupski's Walchuk Masonry rink (1-2) won 7-4 over Ben Gamble's KMS rink (2-1), Wade Gray's Protec Video rink (2-1) won 6-2 over Donna Ackerman's Paws N Play rink (0-3), and Matt Froehlich (3-0) won 9-1 over Patrick Ackerman's Here for the Beer rink (0-3). The Easy Care rink skipped by Lorraine Arguin (3-0) won over Rob Sokchoff’s Kal-Tire rink (1-2).

Next week, Remembrance Day will see a full six matches on the evening’s schedule.