Buffalo Pound Provincial Park’s Canada Day long weekend began yesterday with a series of fun family activities prepared for park-goers in the Elmwood Beach Day-Use Area. 

The festivities began at 11:00 a.m. with parkgoers gathering to play soccer, football and bocce ball on the grounds surrounding the pavilion that served as the event's focal point. 

Inside the pavilion, cake and sweet treats were served to the attendees as they took a break from the sun in the ‘cool down area’. 

Just outside, the bubble station garnered plenty of attention from the children in the crowd, with others waiting to have their faces painted or receive a Canada Day themed temporary tattoo.  

One of the children returned to the booth until they nearly had a full sleeve of temporary tattoos. 

Shortly after that, the Sask Parks Summer Triathlon began, which had participants take part in relay race to compete for Canada Day prizes.  

In between the activities parkgoers enjoyed all the park had to offer, with some lounging in the sunshine on the beach while others fired up barbeques in the picnic areas, and several anglers busied themselves fishing along the shore. 

The team at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park continues the celebrations throughout the long weekend, with a full slate of activities planned for each day. 

These activities conclude with arts and crafts and recreational soccer which will also take place in the Elmwood Beach Day-Use Area. 

To see a full list of activities taking place in Buffalo Pound Provincial Park click here.