The Canadian Dental Association is the national voice for Dentistry practice here in Canada.

Throughout the time the association has been around there has never been a University of Saskatchewan Graduate as the President.

Mitch Taillon (Photo courtesy of Canadian Dental Association)

That changed earlier this year as Mitch Taillon a practicing Dentist in Assiniboia has made his way through the Provincial and National ranks to be the President of the Canadian Dental Association.

Tallion has put lots of work in to get to this position as he has been involved on the provincial level for over a decade.

"I worked with the college of dental surgeons in Saskatchewan (7 years) becoming president and then I was appointed as a Saskatchewan representative in 2016," he said. "The national board elected me to be vice president and from there you move up to president elect and then the following year president".

Taillon is in his role as President for one year as that is how the process is regulated.

"Its a process of moving from the provincial association to the national association and then the national association elects you as one of the officers," Taillon explained. "Then you move up the chain so to speak from vice president to president elect to president for one year".

Taillon studied at the University of Saskatchewan and currently has a practice in Assiniboia and he says the most difficult part of his new found role is the travel. Attending meetings in Toronto, heading to Parliament Hill and meeting with MP's and Senators, and he will also representing Canada in Buenos Aries later this year at an international conference.

Taillon will be the President of the Canadian Dental Association until roughly next April.