We were worried a year ago at this time of year, weren't we?  We wondered how long the COVID-19 pandemic would hamper us and we worried about the local economy.  A number of businesses were closed and there were some that didn't survive. 

However, we've found several local success stories and it has been a pleasure to share them with you. 

Our latest "Partner Profile" on 800 CHAB featured Lee-Ann Allan and her newly named shop, Untamed Blooms + Botanicals.  It's a local, independently owned store which features flowers and gifts along with seasonal and home decor. 

Lee-Ann remembers the uncertainty very well.  She had to lay off her staff and for a time, wondered if she should even bring flowers in.  She considered closing the store.  She didn't have to.  Never mind surviving, Lee-Ann was thriving. 

She said it was "absolutely incredible...here we were during such a hard time and all the unknowns, and we have our community supporting us...I will be forever grateful." 

That's the kind of story that makes me proud to be a Moose Javian.