Carnie's Comments


I can remember when you could jump on board for one, thin dime.  I remember paying a quarter and then 50 cents and then, like many teenagers back in the day, I became too cool to ride the bus.  

I'm thinking about that today after seeing a release from the City of Moose Jaw, letting us know that "conventional cash fare" for a ride on city transit will go up to $3.25 as of February 1st.  All things considered, that's still pretty reasonable.  You can't catch a cab for $3.25 anymore.

You know, if it was possible, I'd probably use city transit during the winter but I need to be at work by 5 AM.  The buses aren't rolling at that time.

However, with what seems to be a hard push to phase out gasoline powered cars and trucks, there may come a day, in our lifetime, when some of us will need to make use of city transit again and, chances are, it'll be an electric bus we'll be riding in.

And, I wonder, if your grandchildren's grandchildren might be back to riding horses and covered wagons to get to school in the morning.  It might happen.

And then you know what the concern will be?  Methane gas.

Just sayin'.