Carnie's Comments


It's Friday - Facebook Friday on the daily commentary!

Let's start with this busy, working mom I follow who shares, "Life is like a helicopter.  I don't know how to operate a helicopter."

We hit 37 degrees in Moose Jaw yesterday and my friend posted, "Just be thankful it's not snowing,  Imagine shoveling snow in this heat!"

Earlier this week as we turned the calendar to a new month, a local teacher wrote, "Today is July 32nd.  As a teacher, I refuse to acknowledge the month of August."

This one, "I hate when people can't let go of the past.  Debt collectors are the worst."

I like this, "A good way to get out of a conversation is to take off one of your socks and hand it to the person talking."

Here's a friend who shares, "Accept the good in your life.  Like me.  I'm a delight."

And one more, "I don't pretend to be something I'm not.  Except normal.  I've pretended to be normal a few times."