Carnie's Comments


Time for Facebook Friday.  I find the funnies just for you.

Like this one, "Started a band called 'Duvet'.  We only play covers."

That same guy shares, "Courage is knowing it might hurt and doing it anyway.  Stupidity is the same.  And that's why life is hard."

This friend says, "I can't wait until I'm financially able to afford who I really am."

I like this, "Don't you hate it when you offer help and the other person says yes?"

Here's a funny from a local mom who says, "Apparently it's against church policy to drop your kids off in the nursery and then go to brunch."

This fella shares, "When your wife says, 'When you get a minute', just go ahead and put your shoes on."

I can relate to this one, "Oh, I can walk the walk.  Just please don't ask me to jog the jog or run the run."

One more, "A moment of silence for all the big city, suit wearing guys who are about to get dumped for a small-town guy wearing flannel in a Hallmark Christmas movie this holiday season."