Carnie's Comments


It's time for Facebook Friday! I find the best from the best.

Let's start with some advice, "Help your friend with their diet by replacing the light in the fridge with an air horn."

On a related note, "Onion rings are vegetable donuts."

This guy says, "Crossing things off my to-do list. I didn't do them, I just don't want them on my list anymore."

I like this, "I always learn from the mistakes of others...who were following my advice."

This girl says, "I need to find hobbies that don't include my debit card."

Here's a friend who shares, "You think you know stress? When I grew up, if you missed a TV show you just missed it. Forever."

And we'll finish with this, "Remember the days when people would write diaries and get mad when someone read them? Now they put everything on Facebook and get mad when people don't read them."


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