Carnie's Comments


It's Friday...Facebook Friday on the daily commentary!

We'll start with this local funny fella who shares, "Happy 3rd birthday to the tartar sauce and can of cranberries in my fridge."

That same guy says, "A real man will never stand there and watch his woman pay for anything. He'll go and wait in the car."

I like this, "I'm sorry but you can't always be experiencing a higher volume of calls than average. That's not how averages work."

Here's a friend who posts, "The reason I don't like the Facebook 'memories' feature is because it shows me 6 years ago wearing the same shirt I have on right now."

This guy says, "My favourite thing about the good old days is that I wasn't good and I wasn't old."

Here's one you can use, "Looking back at al the successes and failures in my life, I can't help but be proud that at least the potty training thing stuck."

And one more, "I am capable of great things. I'm not going to actually do them but I could."