Carnie's Comments


It's a weekly treat just for you. It's Facebook Friday!

We'll start with this, "I used to play piano by ear. I found it to be much easier since I started using my hands."

I like this, "Crazy how NASA is able to receive data from 6.28 billion miles away but I lose the Wi-Fi signal in my bathroom."

Here's a buddy who shares, "Five days on, two days off. How did we get tricked into this?"

This cheeky chap shares, "Got me an emotional support pet. It's a chicken. It's crispy and came with a biscuit and gravy."

Can you relate?  "Reached the age where I can't tell if I sustained an injury or that's just how I am now."

This middle-aged guy says, "You know you're an adult when just a fresh change of bedding is enough to make you happy."

And one more from a fellow I follow who posts, "Finally figured out why I look so bad in pictures. It's my face."


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