Carnie's Comments


It's fun, it's fabulous!  It's Facebook Friday.

We'll start with this one, "I am proud to announce I have completed the first item on my bucket list.  I have the bucket."

Here's a local gal who shares, "When is it too late to have a baby shower?  Because my mom never had one when she was pregnant with me and I need some clothes."

This old fella says, "Aging is tricky.  It's like you still feel young inside but then, every once in a while, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and reality just smacks you in the face."

Here's one from a local sports car owner, "Having a loud exhaust is like eating chips in church.  Everyone looks at you in disgust but deep down they want some too."

One of my favourite Facebookers says, "Charcuterie is French for, 'I'd like a sandwich, but I don't have any bread."

And, one more from that same guy, "My mission statement:  I will continue to put out badly prepared and poorly conceived content in my one-man effort to bring joy to the hearts of a few."