Carnie's Comments


One lifelong Moose Javian says, "Mill City, Friendly City, Band City, Little Chicago, Notoriously Unexpected, Get a Life, get a job...what next?"

A friend of mine was reacting to the latest local slogan.  "Get a Life" is the title of a marketing campaign designed to attract people to our city.  It was unveiled last week and I posted the story on social media.

Another follower reacted by saying it's a "stupid idea".

However, a number of people like it.  One said it's a "cool idea" and another said, "I think it's delightful".

And there were more who like it.

One guy says, "Awesome.  I thought it was well done."

And here's a retired nurse who says, "It's a world-class life here in Moose Jaw."

She got it right.  And that's the message the City of Moose Jaw wants people across the country to hear.