Carnie's Comments


The question, on social media, came from a young woman who is considering a move, with her family, to Moose Jaw.  She asked locals to share "the best parts of living in Moose Jaw".

The response was, well, inspiring.

Local people piped up with props for the museums, the library, programming, sports and entertainment options for youth along with our beautiful parks and the wildlife we're surrounded with.

Others pointed to tourist attractions along with our walking paths, the farmer's markets and the fact we have access to locally grown food, year-round!

As of this morning, over 140 people responded and this, from a local woman, I think, is one of the best.

She writes, "I am originally from Toronto but have lived in many places...I think Moose Jaw offers so much for a family life in terms of facilities for sports and entertainment for a rich life experience for growing rinks, swimming, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, 3 golf courses and the list goes on...highly recommend Moose Jaw."

I'm going to guess the people in charge of the City of Moose Jaw's recently launched "Get a Life" promotion will be tapping into this material.  

It's priceless.