Carnie's Comments


We'll never forget it but, you know, it was such a strange, stressful time I think I'm subconsciously trying to forget it.  I'm talking about the COVID-19 pandemic that, for all intents and purposes, brought us to a standstill from late winter of 2020 until July of 2021.

Remember, during that time, it was all we talked about.  It was almost the only news making the news.  

The Saskatchewan Health Authority delivered daily updates on outbreaks, the number of patients in hospitals, the number of people who had died, restrictions, protocol and more.

These days, the Ministry of Health publishes their "CRISP" report bi-weekly.  CRISP is an acronym for "Community Respiratory Illness Surveillance Program".  It integrates COVID-19 "surveillance and reporting with provincial respiratory illness and surveillance...including influenza".

It strikes me that, while there are still dangers and the risk of contracting COVID, we've moved on.  We've learned to live with it.  I suppose we had to.

Another piece that seems to have faded away these days is the promotion of upcoming vaccination clinics.

You should know there are a couple of clinics coming up this week for COVID and the flu - Thursday and Friday at the new Moose Jaw Family Wellness Centre on Albert Street.  

You're welcome.