Carnie's Comments


Optimism.  It's a growing theme for the local business community these days.

I spoke with a local, long-time businessman a few days ago who told me he's amazed by how far we've come over the past 10 to 15 years in Moose Jaw.  He believes moving forward with a new, downtown arena and our field house helped set the stage we're on now - with thriving agriculture and tourism sectors and now an expanding industrial sector.

He pointed to the new SaskPower Great Plains Power Station which is under construction, the Thunder Creek Pork expansion and the fact the Brandt Group of Companies is setting up shop in Moose Jaw.  

In fact, Brandt is getting the word out - they need people.  They'll be hiring about 200 men and women over the course of the next three years for their new utility trailer manufacturing facility.  Brandt is hosting a job fair in Moose Jaw next week.  You can find details on today.

And so, it strikes me that even with inflation and interest rates on the rise across the country, we're in a pretty good position to survive and thrive into the near and perhaps distant future...right here in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.