Carnie's Comments


There are hundreds of people working onsite and most of the major equipment has been delivered.  In fact, they estimate the project is about 60% complete.

84% of the more than 500 workers are from Saskatchewan with 17% from Moose Jaw.

Later this year, construction activity will peak with more than 600 people working onsite each day.  The new facilities should be complete on schedule in 2024.

The calculations show more than $122 million in local work has been awarded including $23 million for Indigenous companies and employees.

When it's finished, the plant will generate 360 megawatts of baseload electricity.  SaskPower says "Baseload power sources such as natural gas ensure power is available to meet customer demand 24-7 and support the deployment of intermittent renewables such as wind and solar."

Have you figured out what we're talking about yet?  This is all happening in Moose Jaw at the new Great Plains Power Station.

Pretty cool, eh?