Carnie's Comments


As I prepared for the CHAB Morning Show before most of you were awake, I came across a post from a long-time radio veteran, proclaiming today is "National Morning Show Host Day". 

I looked it up on the Google. A website called "" confirmed it. 

"Morning Show Hosts Day, celebrated on September 27, is a day dedicated to getting to know the personalities behind your favourite morning show", it tells me.

"Morning show hosts are picked for a variety of reasons. So, this day offers a great opportunity to appreciate the extra zing morning show hosts bring to their shows. You can also learn about the history behind morning shows and how they came to be in their present form", they say.

So, now I'm wondering why I was picked and I'm feeling some pressure to deliver that "extra zing" and the "history behind morning shows"? Sorry, I'm not a history teacher.

Anyway, I've decided I'm just going to do what I do every day on CHAB. I'll keep you company and play The Greatest Hits of All Time. How about that?

Oh, I'll also celebrate the fact I actually get paid to do this!

Thanks for listening!


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