Carnie's Comments


I felt like a savvy shopper when I got to the grocery store first thing in the morning last weekend.  I was one of the first to get to the produce section and one of only a few lucky enough to get some lettuce.

It was $4.99 a head or $8.00 for a package of three romaine hearts.  I got the hearts.

Apparently, this is going to be a problem for a long stretch of time.  Hot, dry weather and crop disease completely wiped out some lettuce crops in California this autumn so there's a shortage.

It's impacting restaurants across the country.  They're paying up to $156.00 for a case of iceberg lettuce.  It was $60.00 a case just a few weeks ago.

Remember when you could go "light and frugal" by ordering a salad for lunch?  That's not happening this winter.

You know, you can still find lots of locally grown cabbage and carrots for sale these days.  I'm predicting the Caesar salad will be taking a backseat to coleslaw in the coming days. 

I suppose you could add some bacon bits and croutons to the coleslaw and pretend it's Caesar salad.