Carnie's Comments


I don't recall ever talking about it when I was a kid - at home or at school.

I do remember some very anxious times and how terrified I was when making the jump to high school.  No one seemed to notice and I didn't tell anybody.  That is changing for local children these days.

Thanks, in part, to local group River Street Promotions and their ongoing financial support, both local school divisions are moving forward with a plan of action. 

They'll be hosting sessions for our children to talk about mental health wellness and a professional development day for teachers to teach them about awareness, sensitivity and using the right language.

The Prairie South has also developed a virtual mental health wellness room on their website.  Parents and children now have the tools to learn more about anxiety and stress, understanding personalities, coping skills and the importance of physical activity and proper rest.

Oh, there's lots of work and challenges ahead but it appears we're moving in the right direction.  We're talking and we're learning.

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