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He commended Premier Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party government for their battle against the federal government's carbon tax.

Federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre was here on the weekend, speaking to the Sask Party convention in Regina.

He talked about the need to expand natural gas facilities and advocated for the pipelines that deliver natural gas and oil.

An acquaintance of mine was at a Regina watering hole Friday night when a small, quiet crowd turned into standing room only with the room full of energy when Poilievre arrived for a meet and greet. 

Regina-based Conservative Senator Denise Batters was on social media on the weekend, telling her followers Poilievre had "great crowds at all events" and she wrote, "It's obvious Pierre is loved in Saskatchewan when he was spontaneously applauded by many people as he boarded our flight to Regina."

Something tells me Poilievre and his teammates won't have to do much campaigning around these parts when it's time for the next federal election.

Senator Denise Batters with Conservative Leader Pierre PoilievreSenator Denise Batters sporting an "Axe the Tax" t-shirt for this photo with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre


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