Carnie's Comments


It's the time of year I my heart swells with pride as Remembrance Day approaches.

The Carnie family has an extensive history of service to our country. 

I never met my grandfather, Charles Tate Carnie, but I'm sure proud of him.

He served in the Canadian Army in both World Wars.

Born in 1885, Regimental Sergeant Major Carnie, joined the World War II effort with the Regina Rifles when he was 54 years old in 1940.

It could have been the stress of trying to raise a large family and serving his country in another war again that killed him. He died of heart failure in 1944 at age 58.

Somewhere along the way he earned the nickname "Barbed Wire". 

I don't know what he did to get that moniker but I'll bet it was something special for our home and native land.


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