Carnie's Comments


The stores are all decked out and they've got the Christmas music on the speakers!  It's shopping season!

I heard an "expert" this morning say the time to buy electronics is Black Friday and Cyber Monday but wait to get clothing - it'll go on sale in January.

What's your budget look like these days?

A new survey from Equifax Canada found 60% of Canadians will be spending less on gifts this year as inflation puts pressure on our wallets.

Another survey from PayPal Canada found 51% of us will be cutting back with a plan to avoid buying unnecessary presents or limiting travel but 53% of us say we won't reduce our spending when it comes to gifts for close friends and family.

Also, on a positive note for locally owned shops, more and more of us are planning to shop in-person this year with 61% saying they'll shop in stores compared to just 51% last year at this time.

And, we're about to get after it.  50% of us say we'll get the shopping started on Black Friday.