Carnie's Comments


It started with donations of $20, $50 and $100 bills and a total of $1090.00 after hour one.

We finished with donations of $40,000, $50,000 and $400,000 in the final two hours and we not only met our fundraising goal - we surpassed it by a long shot.

The 17th 800 CHAB Family First Radiothon finished with $592,533 in the bank, allowing the Moose Jaw Health Foundation to purchase all of the equipment we desperately need for proper patient care at the Dr. FH Wigmore Regional Hospital.

The "Health Care Rocks" concert generated $40,000 while a private donor kicked in a matching donation of $50,000 when we, as a community, raised $50,000 on Friday.

Those donations pushed us to over $5 million over the course of 17 years on the Family First Radiothon.

However, there was another donation before the end of the show. It was a $400,000 gift from the estate of Jack and Ruby Radu.

You know, the name rang a bell for me but I just couldn't place Jack an Ruby until a long-time friend reminded me that they, for many years, resided in a home at the corner of Henry Street and 10th Avenue in Moose Jaw - about two blocks from our family home.

I had forgotten about Jack and Ruby. Now I'll never forget them.