Carnie's Comments


A follow up today on Monday's commentary when we discussed the word "elderly".

Some locals objected when we, in a story on DiscoverMooseJaw, referred to a 66-year-old grandmother as "elderly".

So, I asked, "Are you elderly?", and many replied.

Kendal said, "Nope.  I'm vintage."

One middle-aged friend said, "Elderly to me is like 80+."

Another friend said, "At 33 I feel elderly some days."

My friend, Bill, a most active retired guy, says "You are only as old as you feel..."

And then, all joking around aside, an old friend of mine wrote this, "I know at first I did not like the fact that at 55 I qualified for senior rates...but then I thought of those friends who would never have the experience of reaching that age.  Then I was happy to be so blessed to reach that age.  Since then, every year is a celebration."