Carnie's Comments


I shared the post on Facebook Friday last week.  It came from a local elementary school teacher as we turned the calendar to a new month.  She wrote, "Today is July 32nd.  As a teacher, I refuse to acknowledge the month of August."

It took me back to my childhood.  I used to get that same anxious feeling when we said goodbye to July.   Oh, I didn't dislike going to school but I absolutely loved the freedom I had during summer vacation.  

Do you remember those days?  You could stay up late and sleep in.  You and your friends could make your own plans without being told when and where to be.  Those were the days.

I'd almost always watch the late movie on TV and if I wanted some company, I'd turn on the radio and listen to music.  I miss those times.

Anyway, I've got two weeks of vacation time coming right up - next week and the week after and, during that week after, I'll probably get that back-to-work anxiety just like teachers and students get around this time of year.  

And then, we'll all be sad that vacation's over but happy it happened.