Carnie's Comments


A follow up today from last week's Throwback Thursday when we talked about a postcard that was submitted by a local lady.  

You can see it on DiscoverMooseJaw in the Community section.  CHAB's Dick Lillico is in the picture with Cy Knight on the piano, a young woman with a banjo and a trio of singers, one with a guitar, all there on that postcard which was postmarked June 14th, 1945.

Well, that story, that postcard, brought back pleasant memories for 92-year-old Vivian Olynik.  She sent us an email!

"I was excited to see the picture of the ladies trio singing", she wrote.

"They were known as The Sunshine Trio.  They were the Antenuk sisters, Mary, Anne and Pauline...I was a dancer...part of the Wynjoy Dancing Studios with Joyce Gardner as teacher.  We entertained at many places during the war...This has brought back many memories of those days", she added.

That's exactly the reaction I was hoping to get, Vivian.  Thank you for taking the time to share your memories.

(Last week's Throwback Thursday with photos of the postcard can be found HERE)