Carnie's Comments


He grew up in the Gravelbourg area.  He remembers CHAB being on everywhere - in stores and in people's homes around town.  He lives and works in Regina these days but CHAB is still a go-to radio station for him.

Adam Bouvier is sharing his story with us as we celebrate 100 years on the air at 800 CHAB.

Listening to us and visiting our studios when he was a teenager made an impact on Adam.  He went on to work in the business for a number of years.  You can listen to his story on today.

His story reminds me of a pair of young fellows from Gravelbourg that I met a few years ago.  We were completing a business transaction that required the signing of some papers.

One of the boys looked at my signature and said, "Rob Carnie.  The radio guy?"

I smiled and said, "Yes.  Do you listen to CHAB?"

He said, "Dude, every single day for 13 years on the school bus!"

That made me happy.  I love my job.