Carnie's Comments


As we wind down our 100th anniversary celebrations at CHAB, I was most pleased to hear from the Moffat family.

The station was owned by members of that family from 1958 through 1992 but it was a 10-year period that Ann Moffat wanted to tell us about.

Ann's father, Jack Moffat, made a major impact on our industry and our community from '58 through '68.

He was an ambitious and aggressive businessman who encouraged his staff to volunteer and make a difference with their time, energy and philanthropy.

Jack Moffat also added television stations to the CHAB operation - in Moose Jaw and Regina.

In fact, Ann shared a family photo with us that you can see on DiscoverMooseJaw today.  The picture is of Ann, two of her three sisters and mom and dad, appearing on CHAB TV around Christmas time.

Ann and I had a wonderful visit via telephone this week.  You can listen to it in that same article.

And, after the finished product went online, Ann wrote to me, "My family, including nieces and nephews have listened and are thrilled and emotional knowing that some of the amazing history has been recorded for others to see and hear."